Your cabinetry matters

Whether you choose kitchen cabinetry for a small project or a complete kitchen or bathroom overhaul, your decisions matter. The suitable materials, colors, styles, and formats can turn these products into personalized art and performance pieces. The more you learn about what you can access, the better results you'll have when you shop.

If you’re new to remodeling, we know you have questions. And the good news is that there are plenty of answers. Here are some facts about cabinets that could help you find the perfect results for any size remodel.

Getting your kitchen cabinets

Choosing the best kitchen cabinets is more manageable, especially if you have an existing décor you'd like to match. Choose colors and styles that connect to that décor scheme and produce the results you want and need. You'll find certain materials make this more accessible and some harder, so it's worth considering the combinations before you buy.

Cabinet storage capacity is also significant in the kitchen, especially if you have a large, active family. You'll want to keep certain items out of sight for a tidy space, and the right size cabinet boxes can do the trick. When you need kitchen cabinets, ask about standard and custom sizes to see what fits your needs best.

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In the bathroom

Bathroom cabinets serve many of the same purposes as kitchen pieces, including storage, décor matching, and ease of use. However, you'll need to consider your material choice in this room because it's a common place for lots of humidity. A certain level of water resistance is necessary for this space if you want or need a good lifespan from your cabinetry, so shop around carefully.

When it’s time to get serious about your shopping choices, go with a bathroom vanity that sets the stage for this room. This particular piece is also a piece you can add to with shelving, lighting, and many other amenities. Speak with a design associate to find out what's waiting for you here.

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